Job Opportunity

Managing & Artistic Director – one combined position, part-time

Reports only to the Board of Directors through quarterly meetings

Job Summary

PPC is seeking an organized,  passionate performing arts professional to take on the administrative and artistic responsibilities of PPC. There is a lot of opportunity for growth of the company, and the Director job could be divided into two jobs in the future. Historically, Piccadilly Puppets has been a home-based business and we do not have any other studio space at present. However, it is not necessary for applicants to choose to run the company from home; the company can move into rental space. 

About the Organization

See our home page.

Working hours

Working hours are flexible, but the majority of time contacting clients is during the work week, especially mornings. Performances can take place anytime during the week or on weekends, but having several puppeteers gives each one flexibility.

Managing Director responsibilities:

  • Administration: Keep up with licenses & insurance, Administer bookings, Schedule puppeteers and write paychecks, Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting: Prepare the annual budget and monitor income and expenses
  • Marketing: Choose materials, contact prospective clients, maintain website and social media, follow-up with clients
  • Board Communication: Schedule meetings and prepare agenda
  • Maintain Office/Storage/Studio facility: Depends on what we decide we need when the company moves out of the current Director’s house
  • Grants: Apply for grants, write narratives, prepare reports, research opportunities. This could be done by a freelancer.

Artistic Director responsibilities:

  • Choose puppet shows to offer and produce the shows. The Director may choose to research and write scripts, design and build puppets, compose music, etc. – or hire other artists. We currently have 14 shows that we offer so nothing new needs to be produced right away.
  • Supervise the quality of the shows. The Director needs to rehearse puppeteers learning new shows, observe existing shows from time to time, and be responsible for making sure that the puppets and stages maintain a professional appearance.
  • Write and Update Study Guides for schools
  • Oversee Workshops Choose what workshops to offer, what materials are needed and the age range.

Community Engagement: The Director must be willing to attend workshops, Atlanta Puppetry Guild meetings and other opportunities to stay connected with the national puppetry community.


At least 3 years working with professional puppetry or performing arts organizations, or as a solo puppeteer managing your own career. Must have some experience with puppetry, but other theatre experience is also applicable, especially Theatre for Young Audiences and Teaching Artist experience.

Desired Qualifications

  • Self-motivated (much of this work is done alone)
  • Outgoing to reach clients. Must have a passion for entertaining and educating children through puppetry and the ability to share that with presenters. 
  • Organized and conscientious about communicating with clients.
  • Familiarity with WordPress or ability to learn (or ability to build a new website on another platform and keep it updated)
  • Ability to use Quickbooks or other platform for bookkeeping, or ability to learn
  • Familiarity with social media
  • Appreciation and respect of diverse cultures
  • Based in the Metro Atlanta area


$1700/month for 20 hours/week. Note: This position has the potential to expand to 30 hours/week or more with an appropriate raise in salary if the director demonstrates an ability to bring in more bookings.

Salary is currently paid monthly (can be changed to biweekly). If the Director wishes to perform shows, those are in addition to the 20 hours and payment is $85/show plus mileage reimbursement. Currently there are no benefits. Vacation time is at your discretion with advisement from the board.

How to Apply

Send a cover letter with resume and 3 references to Nancy Riggs at

Anticipated Start Date

July 1, 2022 (flexible) There will be a one-month training period with the current director.

This employment opportunity is available to all, without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender identity, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.