A Tribute to Carol Daniel

In Memory of  — and In Tribute To — Our Director:
Carol Daniel Klein

Photo of Carol Daniel with the Hammer and Pliers puppets from "Imagination Station"
Carol with puppets from “Imagination Station”

Long-time Director of the Piccadilly Puppets, Carol Daniel Klein, passed away in June of 2011. Born in Minnesota, she studied speech and speech therapy in college. She began working with the Piccadilly Puppets Company in 1974, helping with the administrative duties. Soon afterward, a puppeteer abruptly quit, and Carol stepped in. From that point on, she was the heart and soul of Piccadilly Puppets, becoming the Director of the Company in 1980.

As Pat Penn, President of the Board of Directors, says, “She set about learning how to make puppets and how to manipulate them with expertise and artistry. Carol believed with all her heart that entertainment and education were not exclusive characteristics. From the beginning the shows she created focused on teaching children important concepts in science, history, and social studies. And they focused on the importance of character traits such as honesty and courage and hard work. But they were never preachy or pedantic and the artistic side was never compromised.”

Carol also produced several shows for other organizations, including Northside Hospital, and the Cobb County Youth Museum. She worked with puppets in television, as producer, and as the Director of Puppetry for programs with puppets for GPTV. She was active in Puppeteers of America and UNIMA, the international puppetry organization. She directed and performed at puppetry festivals on a regional, national, and international level. She was awarded the UNIMA (the puppetry “Oscar”) for one of her Piccadilly Puppets shows.

Carol’s son, Justin Daniel, is following in her footsteps, studying educational theatre at NYU. He writes “My mother will not only be remembered for her artistic contributions, she will also be remembered for her fierce commitment to her family, friends, and community, and her absence leaves a palpable void for so many people. Luckily, one can just look to her myriad puppet shows to catch a glimpse of her heart, and thankfully her inspiration will continue to manifest as the company continues to entertain children for generations to come.”