Butterfly Ballad/La Balada de las Mariposas


Developed originally for the Callaway Gardens Butterfly Center, this story follows Katy and Kevin Caterpillar through the stages of their lives – from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly – and their fascinating migration to Mexico. Narrated by Mother Nature, and can be narrated both in English & Spanish when requested.

S2L1. Students will investigate the life cycles of different living organisms. a.Determine the sequence of the life cycle of common animals in your area: a mammal such as a cat or dog or classroom pet, a bird such as a chicken, an amphibian such as a frog, and an insect such as a butterfly.  b.Relate seasonal changes to observations [of how a tree changes throughout a school year]. 

45 minutes, Maximum audience: 75 for preschool, 150 for elementary. Hand puppets, rod puppets. Space needed 6’x6’. Set-up: 30 minutes.