Kids on the Block

Large puppets accurately portray children with Down Syndrome, visual and hearing impairments, and cerebral palsy. These puppets help children understand other children that may be a little different from them, and the children in the audience can ask the puppets questions, gathering even more understanding. Grades K-5. This show is performed by 2 puppeteers.

Learning objectives:

  • Students will be able to define various disabilities.
  • Students will recognize the needs of some special populations, and will discover ways to solve potential problems kids with disabilities might encounter.
  • Students without disabilities will learn to relate to those that have disabilities by learning that, although we may have differences, we are very much the same in a lot of ways, and we can be friends.

30-55 minutes (depending on time allowed for questions), Maximum audience: 200 for elementary. Large tabletop Hand puppets. Space needed 6’x6’. Set-up: 30 minutes.

In this segment, Brenda meets Renaldo, who has a visual impairment
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