Read what our audiences are saying about Piccadilly Puppets:

I got a lot of comments from parents about how much their child LOVED the puppet show. The most feedback I’ve gotten about any of our “field trips”!

North Springs United Methodist Preschool

Wonderful! Held the kids’ attention, taught AND entertained them!
— Evan Pontz, Birthday party parent

Child's drawing of a puppet show. She wrote "I like you so so much you're the best".

I’d like to tell you how very much I enjoyed “Jonah” that you presented on Sunday evening!!! The set with its moveable (in more ways than one!) elements, with the boat, the fish, the colors that you used, all of it caused me to sit on the edge of my seat wondering what was coming next! The way you incorporated “helpers” with the children, including those little ones who felt a need to “act” spontaneously!, was just perfect! The camaraderie that you engendered among all ages — from a few months to almost 90-year-olds — (about 120 people, actually!) made Sunday’s event last indefinitely in my memory! We were all watching to see what was going to happen to Jonah and then, what was Jonah going to do about it! …I look forward to the next event …!!
Melinda Clark, North Avenue Presbyterian Church