Cherokee Tales


Piccadilly Puppets has partnered with Kara Morrison, a southeastern playwright of Cherokee ancestry, to update our popular show to better represent the Cherokee people. We will have a full-length elementary school version available in 2021 when we are able to involve lots of audience volunteers in masks and costumes, as well as a 20-minute festival version.

Meanwhile, we have produced a 15-minute FILM VERSION!

In this updated virtual puppet show, Sequoyah teaches students about Cherokee culture and history. The storyteller uses tabletop hand and rod puppets to tell Cherokee myths about the creation of Cherokee land and how the brave Spider brought fire to the animals. Then the students learn about the Trail of Tears with the help of shadow puppetry. This 15-minute version is appropriate for grades preK4-2nd.

SS2H2 The student will describe the Georgia Creek and Cherokee cultures of the past in terms of tools, clothing, homes, ways of making a living, and accomplishments.

ELAGSE2RL2: Recount stories, including fables and folktales from diverse cultures, and determine their central message, lesson, or moral.

A few short clips from our new film version of Cherokee Tales