Remembering former Piccadilly Puppeteer Bobby Box

Bobby Box

Bobby Box was a puppeteer for Piccadilly Puppets for four or five years in the mid-late 1980’s. Originally from Arkansas, he moved to Atlanta after getting his master’s degree from Bowling Green State University and was active in the Atlanta theatre scene as well as in puppetry. He helped develop several of our productions as a puppeteer, most notably Body Shop, which received a Citation of Excellence from UNIMA (an international puppetry organization) in 1986. He also recorded voices for several shows that were performed for many years, and co-wrote ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, which we still perform today!

After leaving Piccadilly Puppets, Bobby worked at the Center for Puppetry Arts as a puppeteer and director for over a decade. He eventually married and moved to Washington state with his husband, Graham Kerr.

Bobby was talented, conscientious, kind, and well-loved by the puppetry community. He died January 21. We miss him.

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