Virtual Offerings Coming Soon!

We are working on our virtual offerings, while still hoping to be providing some in-person appearances soon! If you have ideas of something you’d like to see Piccadilly Puppets doing, use the Contact form to let us know!

Some things in the works:

Recorded shows: We are choosing a few of our shows, the ones that don’t rely heavily on live audience participation or reaction, to put online. Butterfly Ballad is already on Youtube, unlisted. Your organization can pay for the link to share with your students, campers, library families, etc. Fees are negotiable at the moment. We have not yet set a cost for individuals to view but we can make that happen.

Live Zoom calls: Included with the fee for your group to watch a prerecorded show will be a live puppetry demonstration so the children can ask questions and interact AND/OR a live workshop to make a puppet using ordinary household materials. You can also have a workshop without the show.

Puppet van Driveway show: We can bring the puppet van to your driveway and perform for a small group of kids from the neighborhood who are staying 6 feet apart. One way to do this would be to put blankets down so the children know where to sit. You can live stream this to other friends for a virtual birthday party. If your kids are spending too much time in front of a screen, the puppets can lead a dance party!

These are just some possibilities we are considering. We are still trying to figure these things out creatively. Give us a call and let us know your needs, and we can talk them through!

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