Piccadilly Puppets is 50 years old!

Dog, princess, cow and frog puppets holding a golden 50 sign

We’re having a Fabulous 50th Zoomiversary Party!

Piccadilly Puppets celebrates its 50 years of puppetry in Atlanta with a mid-season virtual puppet party on Saturday, March 20, 2021 at 7:00pm. 

This free event will please puppet fans of all ages!
Our Zoomiversary party will include a video by founding Artistic Director Ken Daniel, a reunion of past and present puppeteers, as well as lots of fun puppet pictures and videos.

Puppeteers everywhere will be celebrating World Day of Puppetry all weekend, too.
Attendees are invited to bring their own puppets!
Tickets are free, but you must register! Register through Eventbrite by “purchasing” a free ticket.
Once your “purchase” is complete, you will receive an email with
information about how to access the event.

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