Thanks to Fulton County Arts and Culture!

Thank you to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners for funding us through the Fulton County Arts Council! Piccadilly Puppets is headquartered in Fulton County and offers many shows and workshops to county residents. This funding allows us to offer our services at affordable prices.
The Contracts for Services (CFS) provides unrestricted general operating and project support to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, arts & culture organizations, cultural institutions, colleges and universities, as well as units of government that produce or present ongoing arts programming open to the public. CFS contractors present programs that reflect the cultural diversity of the County, captures the imagination of adults, families and youth, invigorate neighborhood growth, support economic development and provides jobs.This year the Board of Commissioners approved $2.3 million dollars in funding for 190 recipients comprised of individual artists, arts organizations, non-profits, schools, colleges and universities, and municipalities. Awards range between $1,000 and $42,000..The awards represent funding recommended for the Annual Funding opportunity for operating and project support that closed in late January 2022 as well as the Second Round Funding opportunities including the project support, partnership and planning categories that closed at the end of May 2022.CFS award recipients are reviewed and awarded using the following evaluation criteria; artistic merit, service to the community and field, organizational effectiveness, and accessibility. Contractors are selected after a thorough evaluation by an advisory panel of professionals representing all artistic categories. The recipients that were awarded funding are projected to serve more than five million people in Fulton County. Community-based arts organizations throughout Fulton County are encouraged to apply annually for participation in the CFS Program through the Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture. Applications are reviewed by staff, the Fulton County Arts Council, and the Allocations Committee, which provides additional accountability to support the Fulton County strategic goal that “AII People’s Lives Are Culturally and Recreationally Enriched” prior to submission to the Board of Commissioners.The Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture (FCAC) will announce the 2023 Contracts for Services Program (CFS) funding opportunity in Fall 2023.

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