Spring has Sprung!

Piccadilly Puppets celebrates the spring season with a brand new version of Butterfly Ballad, featuring an all new script by Pamela Shook and the voice talents of Alejandra Ruiz and Sariel Toribio.

Join Katy and Kevin Caterpillar as they discover the wonders of the monarch butterfly’s life cycle, dodging predators like Frankie B. Frog, dreaming of flying, and even dipping into a fancy French restaurant in the milkweed patch!

New puppeteer Evan Hill Phillips rehearses Butterfly Ballad!

With a myriad of colorful puppets and the option to pair this show with our Butterfly Ballad study guide, this show can bring joyful learning to your classroom or brighten up any party or festival. We went live this week with multiple shows daily at three different venues, so don’t wait! Book Butterfly Ballad today!

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