Butterfly Ballad in Little Nancy Creek Park

September 9 at 4:30


4012 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd NE, Atlanta, GA

Mother Nature with Katy Butterfly from Butterfly Ballad
Mother Nature with Katy Butterfly from Butterfly Ballad

Developed originally for the Callaway Gardens Butterfly Center, this story follows Katy and Kevin Caterpillar through the stages of their lives – from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly – and their fascinating migration to Mexico. Narrated by Mother Nature, with original music, rod and hand puppets. Recommended for ages 3-8, but you can bring the younger toddlers to this one; they can go play if they are not engaged!

Thanks to the Friends of Little Nancy Creek Park for helping to schedule this performance!

Piccadilly Puppets are in Buckhaven Lifestyle

Piccadilly Puppets are in Buckhaven Lifestyle

Buckhaven Lifestyle is a monthly magazine for residents of Buckhead and Brookhaven. The March issue focuses on Arts and Culture, and has a lovely article about Piccadilly Puppets. Look for it on page 24, entitled “Lions and Tigers and Puppets, Oh My!” (my computer calls it page 25).